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Logistic Regression with Stata

by Xiao Chen, Phil Ender, Michael Mitchell & Christine Wells (in alphabetical order)

The aim of these materials is to help you increase your skills in using logistic regression analysis with Stata.  This web book does not teach logistic regression, per se, but focuses on how to perform logistic regression using Stata.  It is assumed that you have read the Regression with Stata web book, are skilled in logistic regression, and have access to a logistic regression textbook that explains the theoretical background of the materials covered in these chapters. These materials also assume you are familiar with using Stata, for example that you have taken the Introduction to Stata class or have equivalent knowledge of Stata. 

Accessing the Data Files

All data files used in the book are available as Stata (.dta) files. The files can be downloaded from within Stata.  The general form of the command looks as follows:

where filename is replace by the name of the file. Once you have loaded the data file into your computer's memory, you should save it to the local hard disk so that it will load faster when you use the file in the future.

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