Stata Class Notes
General Information

1.0 Updating Stata

To get the latest update to Stata, type the following command and follow the instructions on the screen. Note that your computer must be connected to the Internet for this command to work.
update all

2.0 Stata version

The following command will display the version of Stata that you are using.

version 11.1

3.0 How to find missing windows

Here are the keyboard commands to open various windows.

Window name      Windows     Macintosh
Results          ctrl-1      cmd-1
Graph            ctrl-2      cmd-2
Viewer           ctrl-3      cmd-3
Command          ctrl-4      cmd-4
Review           ctrl-5      cmd-5
Variables        ctrl-6      cmd-6

4.0 How to stop a Stata program

Sometimes it is necessary to stop a Stata program before it finishes running. To do this just click on the red octagon icon with the white X in the tool bar.

5.0 Help

You can get on-line help for any command by typing help followed by the command name. For example,
help ttest

help ttest, ttesti                                                                                dialogs:  one-sample  two-sample, paired  
                                                                                        immediate dialogs:  one-sample  two-sample          
    [R] ttest -- Mean-comparison tests

    One-sample mean-comparison test
        ttest varname == # [if] [in] [, level(#)]

You can also get general help by typing,
help contents

Category listings
        language syntax, expressions and functions, ...
    Data management
        inputting, editing, creating new variables, ...
        summary statistics, tables, estimation, ...
        scatterplots, bar charts, ...
    Programming and matrices
        do-files, ado-files, Mata, matrices

Help file listings
    Language syntax
        advice on what to type
    Manual datasets
        download datasets from the Reference manuals
There is also a help advice option.
help advice

help help_advice
    To obtain help, click
        contents   for a list of command categories, advice on language syntax, and links to datasets from the reference manuals.
        help       for help for a Stata command with examples, options list, and syntax guide.
        search     to search help files by keyword(s) and, optionally, the Internet.  Also see Advice on specifying keywords.
        hsearch    to search text of help files for specific words.

    You can also
        1.  Find and install SJ, STB, and user-written programs from the net
        2.  Review, manage, and uninstall user-written programs
        3.  Check for and optionally install official updates
        4.  View your logs or any file
        5.  Launch your browser
        6.  Obtain the latest news from

You can also find out about what changes have been made in the latest update by typing,
help whatsnew

help whatsnew
    Additions to Stata since release 10.0

    Update history:
            Stata 10.0 base    25jun2007
            Stata 10.1 base    11aug2008
            updated to         06jan2009

    This file records the additions and fixes made to Stata since the release of version 10.0.  The end of this file provides links for
    earlier additions and fixes.

    Updates are available free over the Internet.  Click here to obtain the latest update, or see updates for more detailed instructions.

    Most recent changes are listed first.

-------- update 06jan2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

     1.  Online help and the search index have been brought up to date for Stata Journal 8(4).


6.0 Web resources

The Stata help files are also available online by typing the name of the help file following "".

General information about Stata can be found by going to Stata's web site.

UCLA Statistical Consulting Group's Stata web pages can be found at:

7.0 User-written Stata programs

User written Stata programs, including those written by the UCLA Statistical Consulting Group, can be obtained using the findit command (see How can I use the findit command to search for programs and get additional help? for more information about using findit). Here are some examples:
findit simpower

findit sgmediation

findit anovaplot

8.0 How to get your own copy of Stata

Please visit our webpage How to get Stata for information on how to obtain your own copy of Stata.

9.0 Installing and customizing Stata

Information on installing and customizing Stata can be found on the following web page: Installing, Customizing and Updating Stata.

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