How can I get my own copy of Stata 12?

Below are some common questions about purchasing Stata 12. If there is any part that you are not sure about, contact Stata for more information either by sending an email to or calling them at 800-782-8272.

How can I purchase Stata 12?

The most cost-efficient way for a student, faculty, or staff member to purchase a copy of Stata 12 is via Stata 12 GradPlanTM. For example, the cost for a copy of Stata/IC 12 with perpetual license is $179 under the GradPlan.  There are many options under the GradPlan that one could choose.  Visit their site for more details.

Does Stata 12 come with documentation?

Complete documentation for Stata 12 is installed with the program as a pdf (note that this is a change from earlier versions).  Under the GradPlan, one can also purchase a hard copy of the full set of Stata 12 manuals at a substantial discount. Note that in order to get this discount one must purchase the manuals at the same time one purchases Stata 12.

I already own a previous version of Stata.  Can I purchase an upgrade?

Yes, you can purchase an upgrade.  In general, if you have a copy of Stata I/C, it is less expensive to buy a new copy of Stata with the GradPlan.  If you have a copy of Stata S/E, it will cost about the same whether you upgrade or purchase a new copy of Stata S/E with the GradPlan.  If you have a copy of Stata M/P, it may be less expensive to upgrade.  You can visit for more information about Stata GradPlan prices.

What are the main differences among Stata/MP, Stata/IC, Stata/SE and Small Stata?

See and see the section comparing these flavors so you can choose the right version for you.

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