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This page presents examples of graphics programs written by Nicholas J. Cox (Durham University).  You can obtain these programs by typing, findit command_name, into the Stata command line and following the instructions (see How can I use the findit command to search for programs and get additional help? for more information about using findit).  This page is not an exhaustive list of all of the graphics commands written by Nick Cox but merely a collection of the ones that we use most frequently.  The command ssc install njc_stuff will download two help files listing all programs written by Nick Cox including his graph commands.

This page contains only the commands and the plots themselves, there is no further explanation.  We envision that users will look through the plots and when they find one that appears to do what they want, they will download the program and carefully read the help files.

Most of these examples use the hsb2 dataset which can be downloaded from within Stata using the following command:

use, clear

Note: Most of the graphs were produced using the scheme lean1.  Whenever a different scheme is used, it is given in the command.

asciiplot-- graph ASCII character set in current graph font

anovaplot-- plot cell means following anova
anova write female prog female*prog
anovaplot prog female

anovaplot prog female, scatter(msym(i))

beamplot -- horizontal dotplots using beams
beamplot write

beamplotplot write, over(female)

binsm -- bin smoothing and summary on scatter plots
binsm write read, width(5) scatter(jitter(2))

catplot -- plots of categorical data
catplot prog race

catplot prog race, by(female)

ciplot -- plots of confidence intervals
ciplot write science, by(female)

corrtable -- correlation matrix as graphical table
corrtable read write math science

cpyxplot -- twoway plots for each y vs each x
cpyxplot write read \ math science

diagsm -- diagonal smoothing
diagsm write math

distplot -- distribution function plots
distplot write

distplot write, over(female)

doublesm -- double smoothing
doublesm write math

dpplot -- density probability plots
dpplot write

eqprhistogram -- equal probability histograms
eqprhistogram write, mean

fractileplot -- smoothing with distribution function predictors
fractileplot write read math science socst

indexplot -- index plots following estimation
regress write read
indexplot, show(cooksd) hi(3)

indexplot, show(rstandard) base(0)

kaplansky -- graph examples of distributions of varying kurtosis

mlowess -- lowess smoothing with multiple predictors
mlowess write read math science socst

mrunning -- running line smoother (multivariable version)
mrunning write read math

regress write read

regress write read female
ovfplot, by(female)

pairplot -- plots of paired observations
pairplot write science in 1/30

pairplot write science in 1/30, diff

parplot -- parallel coordinates plots
parplot female write science

pdplot -- Pareto dot plots
pdplot prog

polarsm -- polar smoothing
polarsm write read, over(female) by(female)

ppplot -- P-P plots
ppplot connected write, by(female) ref(0)

ppplot connected write math

qplot -- quantile plots
qplot write

rcspline -- restricted cubic spline smoothing
rcspline write read

regress write read
rdplot, g(3)

regress write read

generate write2 = write^2
regress math write write2

regress write read female
regplot, by(female) scheme(s2mono)

regress write read
rhetplot, by(prog female)

running -- symmetric nearest neighbour smoothing
running write read, scatter(jitter(2))

regress write read female
rvfplot2, rstandard yline(0)

regress write read female
rvpplot2 read, rstandard yline(0)

skewplot -- skewness plots
skewplot math

slideplot -- sliding bar plots
slideplot bar female, pos(1) neg(0) by(prog)

spineplot -- spine plots for two-way categorical data
spineplot ses femalespineplot ses female, bar1(color(gs14)) bar2(color(gs10)) bar3(color(gs6))

spineplot race ses

stemplotplot -- stem-and-leaf plots
stemplot ses female

stemplot write, d(2) by(female) back scheme(s2mono)

stripplot -- strip plots
generate pipe = "|"
stripplot write, over(prog) mlabel(pipe) mlabpos(0) msymbol(i)

tableplot -- graphical display in two-way table format
egen mabs = mean(daysabs), by(school gender)
tableplot rbar mabs school gender

tabplot -- two-way table shown as table of bars
tabplot ses female, showval percent(female)

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