factorialsim How can I do power and robustness analyses for factorial anova? (Stata 11) fhcomp Fisher-Hayter pairwise comparisons fpower    Anova Power Analysis fstar    F* robust one-way ANOVA nonadd    Tukey test for nonadditivity simanova Simulation of ANOVA simpower Power simulation for ANOVA sme Computes tests of simple main effects smecriticalvalue Computes critical values for tests of simple main effects and related tests. testalterr Computes anova F-ratio using arbitrary numeric error term tukeyhsd Tukey's HSD pairwise comparisons tkcomp Tukey-Kramer pairwise comparisons tukeykramer Tukey-Kramer pairwise comparisons on lsmeans/emmeans (Stata 11) wtest W robust one-way ANOVA
Correlation and Regression Tools
aipe Accuracy in parameter estimation canred Canonical correlation redundancy analysis (needs Stata 9)
collin Collinearity diagnostics fapara Factor analysis parallel analysis facom Communalities after factor analysis hinflu6 Computes Hadi measure of regression influence lvr2dplot Leverage vs. Residual Squared with Cook's D ml_mediation Mediation with multilevel data partcorr Partial & semipartial correlation pathreg Path analysis using ols regression powerreg Power analysis for Linear regression models protab Predicted proportions following logit transformation regeffectsize Computes effect size for variable in regression model regvalidate Postestimation command to perform validation thru resampling regfungible Generates fungible regression weights for reduced values of R-squared. sgmediation Sobel-Goodman mediation tests rregfit R2 and fit indices for robust regression (rreg) rsquare Computes rsquare for all possible regressions test2 Alternative test after regress
Logistic, Poisson, and Negative Binomial Regression Tools
binary_mediation Mediation with binary mediator and/or binary response variable ldev Compute deviance after logistic ldfbeta Compute dfBeta after logistic regression logsub Logistic regression subsets nbvargr Graphs observed, poisson, & negative binomial probabilities powerlog Power analysis for logistic regression pprob Program to compute poisson probabilities scatlog Scatterplot with logistic regression line vibl Visualizing Main Effects and Interactions for Binary Logit Models in Stata
Graphics Tools
histbo Histogram with boxplot meansdplot Plot means and standard deviations for groups profileplot Profile plots across variables for multiple groups grss Graph slide show graph2tex Convert Stata Graph to .eps with LaTeX Code
Other Data Analysis Tools
chi2power How can I compute power for contingency tables in Stata? csgof Chi square goodness of fit test do2htm Make results of .do files to .htm files emeans Extended means command, including quadratic means extrans Examine effects of transformations gstudy Generalizability study program hilo Displays highest and lowest values for variable hplot2 Horizontal plot using ascii characters largest Program to display largest "n" observations mctest Multiple choice test item analysis. ml2mixed Convert a multilevel model to a mixed model. pred_eq Creates and tests imputation models (equations) for ice. refgroup Set reference group for coded variables rtab Reverse tabulate, yielding percentiles robmean Robust estimates of central tendency smallest Show smallest values showmarkers How can I view different marker symbol options? spagplot Spaghetti plots stata2mlwin Converts Stata data files to MLwiN data files stata2mplus Converts Stata data files to Mplus data files stfit Fit statistics for survival models sumsum Compute sums of variables, and sums across variables tablabel Tabulate values for each value label including zero counts tablist Makes tables and crosstabs using list style output tabmiss Makes tables of number of missing and non-missing values vartable Show table of means and variances wincorr Winsorized "robust" correlation mdesc Displays the number and proportion of missing values for each variable. Available from SSC. milrtest Performs a likelihood ratio test on nested models for multiply imputed datasets after -mim-.

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