SPSS Textbook Examples: Design and Analysis, Third Edition, by Geoffrey Keppel

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Table of Contents

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Chapter Title
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Chapter 1       Design of Experiments
Chapter 2       Specifying Sources of Variability
Chapter 3  Chap 3 Chap 3 Chap 3 Variance Estimates and Evaluation of the F Ratio
Chapter 4  Chap 4     The Sensitivity of an Experiment: Effect Size and Power
Chapter 5       Assumptions and Other Considerations
Chapter 6  Chap 6 Chap 6 Chap 6 Analytical Comparisons Among Treatment Means
Chapter 7  Chap 7 Chap 7 Chap 7 Analysis of Trend
Chapter 8       Correction for Cumulative Type I Error
Chapter 9       Introduction to the Factorial Design
Chapter 10 Chap 10 Chap 10 Chap 10 Factorial Experiments with 2 Factors - Calculating the Major Effects
Chapter 11 Chap 11 Chap 11 Chap 11 Detailed Analysis of Main Effects and Simple Effects 
Chapter 12 Chap 12 Chap 12 Chap 12 The Analysis of Interaction Comparisons
Chapter 13       Analysis of Experiments with Unequal Sample Sizes
Chapter 14 Chap 14 Chap 14 Chap 14 The Analysis of Covariance
Chapter 15       Introduction to Within-Subjects Designs
Chapter 16 Chap 16 Chap 16 Chap 16 The Single Factor Within Subjects Design
Chapter 17   Chap 17 Chap 17 The Two Factor Between-Within Design: Main effects and Simple Effects
Chapter 18   Chap 18 Chap 18 The Two Factor Between-Within Design: Interaction Comparisons

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