Statistical Analysis with Latent Variables

This page contains the streaming video of the lectures of the course Statistical Analysis with Latent Variables taught by Professor Bengt Muthén of the UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies. For more information about the course, including how to obtain the handouts, see the course web page at .

All of the streaming videos (except Overview Parts 1-4 in Week 1) are stored as Quicktime movies and can be viewed over a high speed internet connection (DSL, cable, campus connection) using the Quicktime Player . If you are having troubles, see our QuickTime Troubleshooting page.

The audio version of the lectures are available as mp3 files. There are two ways that you can listen to these lectures. One way is via direct download following the link to each of the mp3 files. The other way is via subscribing to it as podcast. For instance, to listen to these lectures via iTunes, go to menu Advanced->Subscribe to Podcast... and enter this url:

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