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Stata 1.0 Reference Manual

The first version of Stata was released in January of 1985 and it was delivered on one 5.25 inch floppy disk that held 360 kilobytes (that is about 360,000 bytes). Have you ever wished to see what the reference manual accompanying the program looked like? Well, thanks to the kind folks at StataCorp, they have scanned the reference manual and kindly given us permission to post it on our web site so you can take a visit to the past and see the original Stata 1.0 manual. It is amazing to see the seeds of the current version of Stata that were planted in that manual. We thank the kind people of StataCorp for scanning this and giving us permission to share it with you from our web site. For more about the history of Stata, we recommend seeing .

Stata 1.0 Reference Manual


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