SAS macros available for download

 boxannohlp Create a scatterplot with marginal boxplots (courtesy of Michael Friendly
 corrdemo, hlp Creates animated file of scatter plots with changing correlation coefficients
 corrgraph , hlp Take an input dataset and create a scatter plot with correlation coefficient displayed on the plot 
 grlog, hlp Macros for showing logistic regression curves 
 qplot, hlp Create a quantile plot
 qqplot, hlp Create a quantile-quantile plot

 sp_plot, hlp

Make 3D spin plot (see example 1 and example 2)

 symmplot, hlp Create a symmetry plot
Data Management
 tolong, hlp Reshape wide data into long format
 towide, hlp Reshape long data into wide format
 corr2data Generate a dataset with a given correlation/covariance structure

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