SAS Textbook Examples: Multilevel Analysis:  Techniques and Applications, by Joop Hox

Textbook Examples: Hierarchical Linear Models, 2nd edition by Anthony Bryk and Stephen Raudenbush

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Chapter Title
Chapter 1 NA NA NA NA NA Introduction to multilevel analysis
Chapter 2 Chap 2 Chap 2 Chap 2 Chap 2 Chap 2 The basic two-level regression model: introduction
Chapter 3 NA NA NA NA NA Estimation and hypothesis testing in multilevel regression
Chapter 4 Chap 4 Chap 4 Chap 4 Chap 4 Chap 4 Some important methodological and statistical issues
Chapter 5 Chap 5 Chap 5 Chap 5 Chap 5   Analyzing longitudinal data
Chapter 6   Chap 6       The logistic model for dichotomous data and proportions
Chapter 7 Chap 7 Chap 7 Chap 7 Chap 7 Chap 7 Cross-classified multilevel models
Chapter 8 Chap 8 Chap 8 Chap 8 Chap 8   The multilevel approach to meta-analysis
Chapter 9   Chap 9       Multivariate multilevel regression models
Chapter 10           Sample sizes and power analysis in multilevel regression
Chapter 11   Chap 11       Advanced methods for estimation and testing
Chapter 12           Multilevel factor models
Chapter 13           Multilevel path models
Chapter 14           Latent curve models

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