SAS Code Fragments
Concatenating string variables using CAT functions

data test;
   infile cards missover;
   length first last $20;
   input first $ last $  ;
jone smith
john wayne
phil hodge
data test2;
  set test;
  name = catx(", ", of last first );
  name1 = cat(of last first);
  name2 = cats(of last first); /*leading and trailing blanks*/
  name3 = catt(of last first); /*trailing blanks*/
proc print data = test2;

   Obs    first    last     name                    name1              name2        name3

    1     jone     smith    smith, jone    smith               jone    smithjone    smithjone
    2     john     wayne    wayne, john    wayne               john    waynejohn    waynejohn
    3     bill              bill                               bill    bill         bill
    4     phil     hodge    hodge, phil    hodge               phil    hodgephil    hodgephil

For more details on these functions, see SAS online documentation of CAT function.

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