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Practical Regression and Anova using R by Julian J. Faraway

This page describes how to access and use the book Practical Regression and Anova using R Julian J. Faraway.

Obtaining the Book

Obtaining the data files

You can reproduce the examples from the book by obtaining the data files from within R. You can get the data files (as well as the supplemental programs used in the book) by typing the following command from within R


Say that you quit R at this point.

In the future, you can load the faraway package with the library(faraway) command. This loads the data and functions associated with this package for the duration of your R session.


You can see the list of data and functions you downloaded with the help() command.


One of the data files is called death. Say we want to access the death data file, we can type


You can play with the examples from the book using the data files and functions provided in this package.

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