How do I use a Stata data file in SPSS?

1. Reading a Stata file up to version 9 with SPSS

SPSS 15 and above currently supports Stata up to version 9. A Stata data file can be read in SPSS either via pull-down menu or via syntax using the get stata file command.

Using the pull-down menus select File -> Open -> Data... and then for Files of Type select the appropriate data file type; then select the file from the list and click Open. That is all to it. 

With SPSS syntax we can use the get stata file command to read in a Stata data file.

get stata file='C:\data\states.dta'.

2. Saving a Stata data file as a version 9 file

If you have a newer version of Stata such as Stata 10, you can save a data file as a version 9 file with the saveold command.  Here is an example.

use, clear
(highschool and beyond (200 cases)) saveold "c:\data\hsb2old.dta" file c:\data\hsb2old.dta saved

3. Using Stat/Transfer

The most updated version of Stat/Transfer will recognize Stata version 10 data files and converting Stata data files to SPSS is fairly straightforward.

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